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Pink Houndstooth SLR Camera Strap

by Houndstooth


Who wants to walk around with a boring old black camera strap emblazoned with the camera brand name? Pfft! Get yourself a fancified, way hipper strap.

Each camera strap comes with plastic hardware to adjust the length to the size you want it. The fabric portion is approximately 23" long. Including the nylon webbing, you can adjust the strap to be approximately 50" long once it's on your camera. The webbing is 3/8" wide and will fit most SLR cameras. The fabric itself is 1 and 5/8" wide to ease the camera load on your shoulders.

All my camera straps are handmade with the utmost of care to design placement and seams. I take a lot of pride in everything I sew, so you can always rest assured that you'll get straight seams and well executed finishing details.

Thanks and happy shopping!