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That Twitch

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Learning to quilt my instructors emphasized perfection: choose the right colour values, sew precise seams, and follow a pattern to the letter. Regard and respect for the rules wasn’t an option, it was expected. This mantra evolved into mild OCD as I matured as a quilter. I created "That Twitch" to understand which rules I could compromise on and still quell the overwhelming need to rip the work out.

Discomfort in the design is the first obvious response. Not stopping there, I added in smaller details that break my long-standing rules: the quilt has seams pressed open and to the side, the top and binding have fabrics from different dye lots, the backing is deliberately offset, the unquilted spaces are larger than recommended by the batting, and different thread fibres are used in the quilting.

All the while making it I asked myself what I ask the viewer: When does the design and technique overcome your discomfort? At what point do they overwhelm? How does breaking the rules make a better quilt?

Pieced and quilted in 2014
72" x 72"
100% cotton top, backing, and batting

Awards and Shows
Quiltcon 2015 Austin, TX